Benefits of Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting carries some key benefits over traditional sandblasting methods, namely, it removes the health risk from the equation. Medical studies have established that traditional sand-based blasting is a leading cause of silicosis, a disease that can be crippling. Because the media utilized in dustless blasting is wet, it hits the material a lot harder and strips it much more efficiently. With almost no dust, it’s the cleanest method of blasting that exists. Since the media utilized is does cause silicosis, it is safe for the operator and any workers to be nearby during the process.

Dustless blasting reduces the amount of abrasive material needed to get the job done, it works faster than traditional sandblasting (stripping a car for example in under two hours), it doesn’t warp thin material due to reduced friction, it requires less containment and is much less expensive, and leaves any surface decontaminated and ready for painting. A rust inhibitor is used to prevent flash rust for three days following the blasting session. As an example of how much this method saves, it only takes around four to six bags of glass abrasive to strip a car in a couple of hours. Assuming you use eight to ten bags of the same abrasive, you’ll be able to strip an entire car in 60 minutes.

For easy cleanup, the operator can lay down plastic in the affected area ahead of time so that the abrasive media can be easily collected for fast cleanup. Because there are no plumes of dust, the media is entirely localized and is easily cleaned away after the job is done. There are so many advantages to dustless blasting that most companies are swapping over to it. The adoption rate is strong, and we’re proud to employ the best blasting method available to serve our customers.

Whether you’re looking to invest in your own machine or you’re considering the prospect of hiring the professionals to come and get a single job done inexpensively, we’re here to help. Feel free to call us up and ask any questions you have about sandblasting, and we’ll get back to you with instant answers. We’ve been the area’s number one choice for commercial and residential blasting for as long as we’ve been in business. We have highly affordable rates, and we’ll come out to your business faster than any other company in the local area.

Because dustless blasting cuts down on the expenses of running our business, we’re able to charge our customers a lot less than companies who have not yet adopted this technology. This means we have some of the lowest rates in the area, and we offer affordable and highly modular packages for homes and businesses across the local area. Get in touch with us today at our customer support line!