Sandblasting Uses

Sandblasting has a lot of different uses and that makes it an appealing asset with a number of applications. With modern sandblasting, sand itself is rarely used, as it emerged with different medical studies over time that using sand as a blasting material posed health risks to the operator. Dustless blasting is the method that Bare All Blasting uses personally. Materials such as glass, steel grit, copper, walnut shell, coconut shell, and powdered abrasives are commonly used as abrasive media in place of sand, and they carry with them none of the health risks that were present with the use of sand.

Even though the health risks over time have been greatly reduced, it is still crucial that safety equipment is used at all times. A breathing mask, googles, and gloves are bare minimum safety, and should work well for jobs with a lower demand on the operator. Blasting can be used to strip blistered, cracked, or peeling paint or other materials from buildings, which is handy if you’re in the process of re-designing your interior or exterior. Commonly, it is also used to prep the surface of cars, boats, and motorcycles before they are painted. You can also blast away years of discoloration from timber and wooden furniture, or restore outdoor furniture that has been rusted, corroded, or has grown over with mold. Concrete walkways, foundations, and structures can also be cleaned. If someone vandalizes your building with graffiti, you can also easily blast away spray paint.

If you’re not interested in doing the blasting yourself and you’d prefer to delegate the task to the professionals, that’s what we’re here for. Bare All Blasting has been operating out of the local area for years, and we help customers tackle the toughest residential and commercial blasting jobs with our peerless dustless blasting services, which are highly affordable and work for a variety of different situations.

You can also use blasting to clean small items, such as tools, car parts, or other components where a detergent or rust removal agent isn’t working. If you’d like to keep the parts of your vehicle or machine in the best working condition possible, blasting is a technique you should regularly employ to strip away rust, paint, and any material that you don’t want on the component in question.

Whether you need to strip paint from your lawnmower for repainting or you’re removing material from the outside of your building, abrasive blasting is a modular solution that will help you accomplish your goals. Whether you decide to attempt it yourself or hire professionals to get the work done, there are a lot of different uses for this method. Get in touch with us on our contact page or call our customer support number to speak to one of our professionals, and we’ll send someone out to your location. We’ll give you a free estimate over the phone so you can compare our rates to other companies in the area.